Valkyries and Gypsies, Falcyyr production photos September 8, 2012

Lots more costuming stuff today (LOTS more). We spent most of the day today working on the “training outfits” for the 5 main Valkyries and the gowns for the Y’buut Priestesses (thank you to Theresa Dern and Lisa Brangiforte for your help and patience today with more costuming stuff!). The three Valkyries who’s training outfits were completed were taken out to Hearts & Horses to be photographed with the Gypsy Horses they will be riding in the film (and the two Valkyries who’s costumes were not yet finished got to play with the Gypsy foals while we took pictures and shot some footage). Click on images to enlarge.

Three of the Valkyrie women of Falcyyr testing out their “training outfits” (one of their costumes for the movie) with the horses they will be riding in the film. Shown are Jessica Risbara with Stella, Sinari Diliiza with Roscrea and Theis Orion with Nenagh (also in the photo are Roscrea’s foal Kingsley in front and Nenagh’s colt Tux behind). The horses are the beautiful Gypsy and Drum horses provided to us for use in the film by Stephanie Keene of Gypsy Horses of New England.

Actress Jessica Risbara in costume with Stella, the horse she may be riding in her role as a Valkyrie in Falcyyr.

Actress Theis Orion in costume with Nenagh, the horse she will be riding in her role as a Valkyrie in Falcyyr.

Actress Sinari Diliiza in costume with Roscrea, the horse she will be riding in her role as a Valkyrie in Falcyyr.

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