Falcyyr costume-testing on horseback, Wednesday September 5 2012

Yesterday we did a costume test for the horse bonding scene in Falcyyr (where the newly appointed Valkyrie meet their warhorses for the first time) to see if the actress is comfortable in costume while riding the horse. Sinari wore her “Valkyrie training” outfit during our riding lesson today and it looked and worked great!

Actress Sinari Diliiza doing a test-run in one of the costumes she will be wearing for her role in Falcyyr. It worked great! Sinari is riding Roscrea, the Gypsy Vanner mare from Gypsy Horses of New England who will be her mount in the film.

Here’s Sinari in the Valkyrie “training outfit” on Roscrea outside after her ride. Looks good!

Sinari and Roscrea take a moment after a good ride.

Please help us continue this beautiful project by contributing to our fundraiser. All contributions will go immediately toward production costs (we are in need of funds for filming and editing equipment and costuming supplies) and you will be thanked in the film for your help. Tell your friends about Falcyyr!

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