Costume-making for Falcyyr, September 1, 2012

We spent our regular Saturday film-day working on costumes last weekend. Thank you so much to Charlie Alejandro, Theresa Dern, Lisa Brangiforte, and Nadine McIntyre for helping out with costume creation today (in addition to the regular home-team of Z, Sinari, Siira, Kazi and Theis of course!). We got some great work done on gowns for the Y’buut priestesses, made further progress on the Valkyrie training outfits and started on wings for Valkyrie armor–and had a lot of fun doing it!

Lisa Brangiforte doing what she loves most ;) –cutting cloth to a pattern for a costume for Falcyyr where she will be playing a Y’buut Priestess. Thanks to you and Theresa Dern for your help today (they spent lots of time cutting wings for Valkyrie Armour with Sinari and Nadine Lena Valkyrie as well)!

Nirakazi and Charlie Alejandro working hard sewing costumes for Falcyyr. Great job, we got a lot of good work done today!

Please help us continue this beautiful project by contributing to our fundraiser. All contributions will go immediately toward production costs (we are in need of funds for filming and editing equipment and costuming supplies) and you will be thanked in the film for your help. Tell your friends about Falcyyr!

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