Falcyyr production images August 25, 2012

We did lots of filming and production work yesterday–we started early and went most of the day! We are very glad to have Theresa Dern and Lisa Brangiforte with us today, and also Sam Scola and his wife Mary as well (not to mention our main cast of Valkyries). Getting lots done (with a WHOLE lot of work left to do!). Thanks everyone for being with us yesterday, we’re very glad to have you all! (click on each image to view it full-size)

Ahura Z. Diliiza and Siira Phoenix shooting a scene for Falcyyr on Saturday behind Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics.

Shooting for one of actress Shelly “Nunchucks” Finnegan’s scenes in Falcyyr yesterday featuring Theresa Dern, Sam Scola, Shelly “Nun Chucks” Finnegan, Lisa Brangiforte and Mary Scola.

We had a fun time filming for Falcyyr yesterday with a great group of people. This was after shooting in front of the green screen for some back shots of villagers to be added to a scene. From left to right are: Sam Scola, Mary Scola, Lisa Brangiforte, Theresa Dern, Maeven Tracey and Shelly “Nun Chucks” Finnegan.

As you may already know we are a small, independent film company producing a big feature film and every bit of what we are doing comes out-of-pocket! We are currently in need of funds so we can purchase better filming and editing equipment and costuming supplies. Please contribute to our fundraiser and be a part of this beautiful project. If you have friends and family you think might be interested in Falcyyr let them know too! Everyone who contributes will be credited in the film and contributors will also receive goodies like posters, t-shirts when production is through in thanks for helping us out.

We are also actively seeking investors for Falcyyr. If you or someone you know has a business or a product they would like to see appear in the film please contact us directly. Small and large business investors will have their product or business appear in the final credit scroll, on our websites and promotional materials and also possibly in the film itself (where it can fit in the storyline). There are many options for business investors that will benefit both of us. Please contact us directly for more information.

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